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Children are born with wings, teachers help them fly.

Educators go beyond providing the gift of education – they inspire, they equip, they care.  The teachers, counselors, mentors and coaches that choose to give so much of themselves make a lasting impact in our lives and in our children’s lives. Their lessons extend way beyond the classroom, field or court; challenging us to succeed and rise to the challenge of life.  

We know that a great teacher, counselor, mentor or coach can make all the difference in your life and your child’s life. Which is why the Liberty School District Foundation invites you to give back to those that have given so much.  For as little as a $50 donation to the Liberty School District Foundation, you can send that special teacher, counselor, coach or mentor (past or present) a special note or video to let them know the difference that they have made. They will also know that you have donated (not the amount) to the Liberty School District Foundation which helps fund teacher and classroom grants, the H.O.P.E. Awards and other great ideas from teachers – all in their honor!

Projects like this are made possible because a teacher had a GREAT idea and the Liberty School District Foundation gave her money to make it happen for those students!

YOU can say thank you to teachers while also supporting their ideas!

How It Works

To make a donation and submit your special message:

  • Write a personal note or story or a link to a video message.  (If you run out of room – just send us an email

Sharing Stories and Thank You Messages

  • Personal messages, videos and special stories can be submitted in print or video (just send us the link) via the comment box on the Donation Page.

  • Donations and stories submitted by April 23 will be delivered the first week of May during Teacher Appreciate Week.  Donations and stories submitted after April 23 will be delivered at a later date.

  • For Honorees that currently work for LPS or who have worked for LPS and whose information has been kept on file - We will send personal letters to all honorees, notifying them of your gift (not the amount) and giving them your personal message.

  • For Honorees that that are a deceased member of our community - We will accept your gift and share your story.

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